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Glad to see you're curious about who may be taking your photos! Here's a little backstory to ease your mind.

My name is Jessica Piazza and I'm a 28-year-old photographer and graphic designer living in New York. Photography has been a passion of mine since the moment I was old enough to use a disposable camera. I've taught myself how to use almost all of the video and photo editing software out there, and I continue to further my skills every day.

I started out as most photographers do — with their friends. Lucky for me my friends consisted of actors, jewelers, and MMA fighters; others just needed logos for their own endeavors. I've done everything from weddings, to baby showers, head-shots, sporting events, engagements, etc. You name it, I've probably been there. I'm always open to your ideas and special shots you'd like to capture. My goal is to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable. Whether you're a pro or need some direction, we will get the perfect shot together!

Please contact me with any and all questions or comments. I look forward to hearing from you!

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