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​With the current COVID-19 pandemic, now, more than ever, is the time to get clean. Our service eliminates up to 99.999% of all cold, flu, and norovirus (including coronavirus) germs. The cleaning solution we use has been approved by OSHA and the Board of Health. Call us or send us a message to get your free estimate!

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Toomey's Tavern

​If you're in the mood for great food and an easy going atmosphere, Toomey's Tavern is the place for you. Toomey's is open year round and has the space to accommodate for every season. There's never a dull moment with events such as Paint Nite, trivia, and live music; just to name a few. See you there soon!

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​Rock 'n' Rascalz

​Rock 'n' Rascalz is an awesome children's entertainment company, founded by two young, energetic performers, who met in their Broadway Masters class. They bring their passion for music and love of working with children together for a unique party experience!

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